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Kentucky Governor Beshear apologizes after finding out that someone named Tupac Shakur is alive

Ladies and gentlemen, Tupac Shakur is alive, well, and is an applicant for unemployment benefits in Kentucky. No, it’s not the deceased gangsta rap legend, but rather a different person who is alive and shares the same given name and surname as the late gangsta rap legend.

The Kentucky resident became a source of political controversy for the state’s governor earlier this week when Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear falsely claimed that a person claiming to have a name of Tupac Shakur fraudulently filed for unemployment benefits. As it turns out, the person in question is actually named Tupac Shakur, and his unemployment benefits application was legitimate:

In a press conference on Monday, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said someone in the state had filed for unemployment under the name Tupac Shakur, calling the person out for “using somebody else’s identity.”

“And that person probably felt they were being funny, they probably did,” Beshear said. “Except for the fact that, because of them, we’ve got to go through so many other claims.”


One day later, Beshear apologized after finding out there is really a Kentuckian named Tupac Shakur, the same name as the late rapper who was gunned down on a Las Vegas street in 1996

“I talked to him on the phone today. I apologized,” Beshear said. “I told him how it happened. But it’s my fault. He was gracious. I said I’m sorry if I embarrassed him or caused him any attention he didn’t want. He ended the call ‘God bless.'”

Unlike President Donald Trump, who flatly refuses to take responsibility for dangerously suggesting that COVID-19 patients poison themselves with bleach and other disinfectants, Governor Beshear took responsibility for making an erronenous statement. Politicians are not perfect people, but good leaders always take responsibility when they or someone under them makes a major mistake.


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