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Elizabeth Warren may have just ended Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign tonight

Just when the corporate media thought they could get away with trying to erase U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) from the field of candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, Warren, at the ninth Democratic presidential debate of the 2020 election cycle, delivered a debate performance that will be remembered for a very long time, and, in doing so, may have just ended any chance of former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg winning the Democratic presidential nomination.

This is just one minute of Warren’s debate performance tonight:

This is only part of a debate exchange between Warren and Bloomberg over Bloomberg’s history of sexually harassing women and discriminating against women:

Those two video clips only consist of part of Warren’s debate performance tonight, but those two clips should give everyone a general idea of how phenomenal Warren’s debate performance was tonight. Furthermore, Warren reminded us all how Donald Trump can be defeated in the general election.

Bloomberg may be worth tens of billions of dollars, but no amount of money and no amount of television ads can hide the fact that Bloomberg has a long history of sexism, racism, and opposing efforts to increase access to affordable health care, among other things. Furthermore, no amount of money is going to hide the fact that Bloomberg’s response to Warren pointing out that Bloomberg has a long history of disgustingly sexist behavior, including sexual misconduct, was absolutely insulting to those who were wronged by Bloomberg.

Elizabeth Warren wasn’t the only person on the debate stage tonight who held Mike Bloomberg to account, but she did the most effective job tonight of holding Bloomberg accountable.

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Elizabeth Warren breaks the fourth wall of American politics

Normally, politicians in this country don’t break the fourth wall of American politics. You usually don’t hear one politician explicitly point out that another politician is preparing to commit war crimes in an attempt to boost their approval ratings at home. You usually don’t hear one politician explicitly mention that the sitting President is bombing a foreign country in an attempt to distract from political scandals at home.

Well, Donald Trump is not a conventional President, and Elizabeth Warren is not a conventional challenger.

Last night on Twitter, Warren directly called out Trump for wanting to commit war crimes by bombing cultural sites in Iran:

Earlier today on NBC’s Meet the Press, Warren pointed out that Trump ordered the strike that killed Iranian Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani to distract from the upcoming impeachment trial of Trump:

Usually, you don’t hear politicians be brutally honest admit the cold hard truth about their political opponents. However, Elizabeth Warren isn’t afraid to admit the cold hard truth about how Donald Trump puts his own political and financial interests first and is willing to commit war crimes to do so.